About TinCan/xAPI@Work

TinCan/xAPI@Work TinCan@Work is name given to the collaborative exploration project facilitated by Learning Café. The TinCan/xAPI@Work Project is been run by a Working Group of professionals in different fields who meet regularly to discuss the way forward. [...]

Tin Can/xAPI@Work Working Group Meeting #2 Summary

Wednesday 28 January 2015 1pm- 2pm Sydney Time Agenda Introductions and summary of last call Discussion – Status of TinCan/ in your organisation Presentations- xAPI/ TinCan – Integrating Organisational Learning to Knowledge and Performance Mgt – [...]

TinCan/xAPI@Work Working Group Meeting #3 Summary

Wednesday 11 February 2015 1pm Sydney time Agenda Introduction and Summary of last call Discussion-Status of TinCan/xAPI in your organization Presentation-TinCan API 101- Andrew Downes-Evangelist-Rustici Q&A with Andrew Downes Discussion- Learning Design Implications-Jeevan Joshi We could [...]

xAPI/TinCan@Work FAQs

What is xAPI/Tin Can TinCan/xAPI the new learning standards that make 70:20:10/ Performance Support/ Personal Learning Records feasible. It is the successor of SCORM 2004/1.2 but promises so much more. What is the status/maturity of xAPI/TinCan [...]

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