Ideas at Work offers new ways of thinking about your work and issues in your workplace. We can provide different perspectives to help you navigate the complexities you encounter day to day.

Our service includes:
  • responding to project requests
  • our Good Ideas Put to Good Use Program for women at work
  • access to our ideas and those of others we have found useful
We believe that best results come from:
  • a strengths based approach and tapping into clients’ creativity
  • being context sensitive
  • using a complexity lens so responses to situations are the most appropriate
We are experienced in:
  • research
  • critical analysis
  • strategic thinking
  • consultation
  • planning
  • policy development
  • advocacy
  • management
  • partnerships
  • organising and delivering programs, forums and conferences

Who we are

Ruth Spielman – Ideas at Work Partner

Ruth is qualified in Arts/Social Studies and in Urban Planning. She is experienced in advocacy, collaboration and gathering the evidence needed to support a case. She has undertaken training in working with complex systems/issues. Ruth has experience at Local and State Government levels, in community health, community planning, as a tutor and as a consultant. She has held senior roles in Local Government across Social Planning, Strategic Planning and Community Services. She has worked with alliances of Councils at state and national levels, providing direction, engaging stakeholders, initiating and managing research projects and undertaking advocacy. She has written many and varied funding and policy submissions and has been a speaker/presenter at a wide range of forums.

Contact: 0407324178

Belgin Besim – Ideas at Work Associate

Belgin has held a number of leadership and senior management roles over the past 30 years in the Education and Local Government sectors (RMIT and the City of Whittlesea), leading key strategic, advocacy, partnership and innovative initiatives and highly engaged and performing teams. Belgin has a strong commitment to public service and the desire to make a positive contribution to people’s lives, organisations and community.

Contact: 0409519184

Robin Inglis – Ideas at Work Partner

Robin is qualified in Arts and Social Work. He is experienced in research, policy analysis and engaging people across disciplines, teams and agencies. He has also undertaken training in working with complex systems/issues. Robin has experience in the non-government sector and in Local Government, in community legal centres, a housing organisation and as a consultant. He has held management positions and senior roles, with responsibility for research agendas, policy responses, advocacy, IT systems and organisation direction. He has written strategic plans, project plans, submissions and articles.

Contact: 0491379678

Ideas at Work Collaborators

Dr Desley Lodwick, Claire Edwards and Sandy McDonald have collaborated with Ideas at Work to present the Good Ideas Put to Good Use Program for women at work.

Sandy McDonald
Storytelling Trainer

Claire Edwards
Strategist, Designer and Futurist

Dr Desley Lodwick GAICD
Coach and Adult Educator