An exciting program for women at work

Many good ideas that could benefit organisations and the communities they serve never see the light of day. Research shows that women’s ideas get less attention than men’s. This program is an opportunity to explore women’s good ideas and projects as well as helping to implement gender equality in the workplace.

It provides new ways of thinking to help develop and realise the potential of ideas and projects. It is practical, using ideas and projects that participants bring, as examples.

The program has been developed by Ruth Spielman and Belgin Besim. It is built on their experience and the experience of both women and men, peak bodies and a range of literature.

The inaugural program was conducted in 2023 and has been acclaimed by participants and facilitators.

What we are offering

Participants will learn about:
  • dealing with complexity
  • the importance of context
  • explaining an idea or project through storytelling
  • the value of positive deviance
  • making a compelling proposal
Options for Your Organisation

If you would like to discuss how the Program could be adapted to your organisation’s needs, please contact us at or by phone on:

Ruth 0407324178

Belgin 0409519184

Here is what participants and facilitators have said about the Program:

“It’s been truly inspiring to be a part of these series of workshops together with female leaders across different local governments.

The guest speakers each had their individual story and theory to share and they shared their wisdom by engaging and gently challenging their audience.

I participated in these series of workshops to get an idea off the ground, and with the support and wisdom from this group of people, my idea is now coming to fruition.”

Karin Johnson, Team Leader Family Support Services, City of Port Phillip, participant

“Participating in the Good Ideas put to Good Use program proved to be an immensely positive experience. It broadened my toolkit for addressing challenges and reinforced my ability to navigate intricate scenarios with strategic and innovative solutions. One application, from the storytelling component, enabled me to craft a compelling outline for a strategic report I was writing at the time.

This program nurtured big-picture thinking, empowering me to apply innovative approaches, share learnings and newfound insights with my team, and instil a heightened confidence in making a meaningful impact.”

Wendy CastlesProject Manager City of Whittlesea (participant)

“The skills and frameworks I learnt in the Good Ideas Put to Good Use Program have really helped me to develop more confidence in presenting my ideas at work. I felt that the concepts and frameworks were really easy to apply and ‘made sense’ to me.

I learnt new ways of talking and thinking about my projects and ideas which helped me to better communicate them to others. I’ve used the skills in day to day conversations and in more formal presentations and settings. It was a really welcoming space, it was fun and the presenters were really intelligent. I definitely recommend this program to others!”

Liz Carroll – Social Planning and Policy Projects Officer – Shire of Mitchell (participant)

“In 2023 I participated in the Good Ideas Put to Good Use program. The program allowed me to engage with like-minded women in leadership positions in local government. The program focused on multifaceted approaches to problem solving big or small within the work place. The personalised, small group training created an environment to share our experiences and collaboratively workshop our learnings. The presenters were engaging and relevant to my work bringing energy and clarity to each forum. I left each session feeling inquisitive, energised and empowered. The program was really beneficial for me and I would highly recommend it to my peers.”

Meagan Merritt – Acting Manager of City Strategy – Melton City Council (participant)

“As a facilitator for the innovative Good Ideas Put to Good Use, local government program, I witnessed firsthand the transformative power of turning ideas into action. The program not only provided a platform for diverse voices to be heard but also equipped participants with the tools and guidance to bring their visionary concepts to life back in the workplace. It was inspiring to see the collaborative spirit among individuals from various local government teams, fostering a sense of peer engagement and support that is crucial for driving positive change. I am excited to be part of a program that empowers local leaders and am eagerly looking forward to its return in 2024.”

Claire Edwards, Strategist, Designer and Futurist

“Working with Ruth and Belgin to deliver the storytelling component of the Good Ideas Put to Good Use program was the best experience I’ve had in doing this work over more than a decade. They brought a warm, supportive, and encouraging approach to both the facilitators and the participants in order to deliver meaningful and enriching outcomes for both. I’m so glad that the programs are being run again, and I’ll have the privilege of bringing my passion for story to you both personally and in a professional capacity, for its life-changing communication attributes.”

Sandy McDonald, the Story Whisperer

“The inaugural 2023 Ideas at Work program was a breath of fresh air to facilitate because the topics were carefully curated in consultation with women in local government. Consequently, attendees were responsive, curious and eager to put ideas into action back at their workplaces. I was also impressed by the attendees’ expression of humanistic values and their pragmatic approach to making progress. When asked if I would continue with the program into 2024, I didn’t hesitate.”

Dr Desley Lodwick, GAICD, Coach and Adult Educator